Online Grocery Delivery Service, Banff, AB

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IMPORTANT: Please Read Carefully!


The online shopping process will have the following guidelines in place to ensure that your orders are completed and delivered on-time:

  1. Orders must be completed 4-days prior to the delivery arrival date
  2. All prices are based on the value of the Canadian Dollar on the day of the transaction
  3. Guests at Douglas Fir Resort will pick up their grocery and liquor orders at our store; which is located right at the resort. The orders will be ready after 4:00pm on your arrival day.
  4. Payments are made on-line by using MasterCard or VISA cards
  5. Douglas Fir Resort guests do not have to pay a delivery charge. The grocery and liquor outlets are situated on the hotel grounds.
  6. Douglas Fir resort guests will pickup their orders directly at the store after 4:00pm on your arrival day.
  7. Prices may be subject to change
  8. Listed products or availability may very pending restrictions or delivery from suppliers
  9. We will require your hotel information: date of arrival and confirmation number to ensure that the product is at the right place at the right time!

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Begin your shopping now and make your stay at the Douglas Fir resort that much better !!