Delivery Policy

Once your order is submitted we, , will prepare your order and it will be picked up and delivered to your room by 762-TOGO, Banff’s delivery specialists.

The delivery process will ensure that your order is delivered to your accommodation between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm daily (MST) (except for Christmas Day!).  This will ensure that when you arrive to your room your groceries and beverages are there waiting for you!  This will make your arrival easier and more enjoyable, less to worry about during your trip!

Recommendations to our guests:

  • Once you have placed your order and receive your confirmation by email, please double check the order.
  • We retain the right to alter your order pending product availability.
  • Your final printed invoice that is with your delivery will be your final charge.
  • Cancellation of an order MUST be done 48 hours prior to delivery.
  • We recommend orders of a minimum of $50.00 (CDN).
  • When you arrive to your room check your grocery/liquor list and report any missing or spoiled items within 24 hours of delivery.

Our company will pride itself in meeting, if not exceeding, our customer’s expectations.  We will provide a first class service for all of our customers and provide them with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We will work diligently to improve your Banff experience by providing you with great product and service.

All prices are based on the value of the Canadian Dollar on the day of the transaction with VISA or MasterCard.

Enjoy your experience in Banff National Park!